Book of Tea


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A very special, beautiful handmade tea gift.

Our favourite selection of 18 different teas in a little packages; displayed in handmade by us book cover.

Size approximately A4

Every tea sachet holds approximately 10g of loose leaf tea , enough to try couple times or share with family.

Snail & Rabbit Loose Leaf Tea

Favorites Collection

BLACK TEA traditional tea, reduces cardiovascular problems

1tsp per person; brew 3-5min; water temp. 95-100C; the same leaves can be re-used

1. Ceylon Highlands – pure black tea; Orange Pekoe

2. Earl Grey’s Wife – bergamot, cornflower, orange & lemon

3. Secret Garden – floral tea with mango & papaya

4. Masala Chai – Indian spiced tea

5. Cherry in Rum – cherries & rum aroma

6. Ginger & Orange – warming up tea

GREEN TEA is bountiful in antioxidants, is anti ageing, can help to lose weight, protects against cancer, fights allergies, boosts exercise endurance…

1tsp per person; brew 3min; water temp.70-80C; the same leaves can be re-used

7. Maroccan Mint – refreshing mint

8. Ginseng & Pineapple good for energy & concentration

9. Ginkgo Japanese Cherry good for concentration and memory

      1. 10. Green Dream mango and Bergamot

11. China Sencha Organic – pure green Chinese tea

12. Festive Green – citrus, coconut and clove

WHITE TEA has less caffeine then black or green tea; protects against cancer, heart disease and stroke, it strengthens the immune system…

1tsp per person; brew 3min; water temp.70-80C; the same leaves can be re-used

13. White – Prach

14. Orange & Roses

ROOIBOS TEA caffeine free healthy drink from South Africa, relieves stomach complaints, improves the condition of the skin, encourages restful sleep… 1tsp per person; brew 3-5min; water temp.95-100C;

15. Cranberry – sweet cranberry and rose petals

16. Orange & Cinnamon lovely, warming Winter tea


17. Cherry Pie – delicious cherry tea

pure fruits and flowers naturally high in vitamins

1tsp per person; brew 4-5min; water temp.90 – 100C

18. Herbal Tea – Turmeric Power

Powerful Healthy Tea

1,5tsp per person; brew 4-5min; water temp.100C;


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